Property Taxes (subject to change)

Electric Utilities

Phone – Unlimited Local/Long Distance ($30/month may apply to some plans)


Property Insurance

Water/Sewer Utility


Pest Control

24 -hour Onsite Security

Handyman/Janitorial Services

Landscaping Services

Building Maintenance

Home Maintenance (fees may apply)

Cardio Fitness Center

Weight Room

Gathering Lounge

Social Enrichment Coordinator

MS Conference Registration (Some restrictions may apply)

Assigned Surface Parking

Storage Room

Community Gas Grill

TV $30/month Direct TV or Pay Comporium for Cable

Mission Café Discount - 15% (Subject to change)

Hotel Guest Room Discount - 20% (Subject to change/discounts do not apply during conferences)

Select MorningStar Products - 20%

Banquet/Conf Room Rentals - 20% (Discount subject to change)

MSU Classes – Audit (Space may be limited)

MSU Classes – For Credit (reduced tuition)

Ministry Outreach Opportunities

Volunteer Service Opportunities

Regent Park Golf Club (Senior discounts may apply)

Access to Local Cultural Events

Leroy Springs Pool/Fitness (Discount subject to change)

After Heritage annual discount of $10/month/person

Ages 25 to 59: $27/mo Single/$39/mo Couple

Ages 60 to 79: $16/mo Single/$22/mo Couple

Over 80: $8/mo per person



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