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Our Mission

There are many ways to strengthen one's Christian faith. MorningStar Ministries-an international ministry founded by Rick and Julie Joyner a quarter century ago-is dedicated to helping you find them.

This diverse and expanding ministry began with the biblical mandate of Matthew 24:45-46:

"Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper time?" "Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes."

To fulfill this mandate, we seek to always serve the Master's household, not be served by it. Our ministry motto is:

We will not use people to build our ministry, but we use our ministry to build people. One of the primary ways that we are

called to do this is to provide the household of faith with the highest quality spiritual food that is timely, or "meat in due season." Our goal is to help strengthen the church by helping believers become the strongest Christians possible and to become the true light and salt in the earth. This is the focus around which every aspect of the ministry revolves.

Our Ministries

MorningStar Ministries, which will become an increasing part of your life here at Heritage, is as varied as the people who will come here to live and worship with us. As you read through this extensive list, imagine yourself as a part of these ministries and teams and of our extraordinary Christian Active Adult community.


This ministry includes intercession for MorningStar Ministries, the body of Christ, and the nations. We train and release prophetic watchmen-type intercessors into prophetic intercessory worship. We meet regularly for training and also develop leadership training. We intercede at all MorningStar conferences and have different prayer meetings throughout the week.

Prophetic Teams

This ministry encourages, edifies, and comforts individuals through the prophetic gifts (see I Corinthians 14:3). Members meet once a month and various teams minister after the Friday night School of the Spirit and the Sunday morning 11 a.m. services.

Prophetic Evangelism Teams

We share the gospel with people on the streets of Charlotte using the gift of prophecy to help open their hearts to the truth of the gospel (see I Corinthians 14:24-25). Every Saturday, the teams minister in the streets and neighborhoods except on holiday weekends. In addition, there are monthly meetings and quarterly training meetings.

Prophetic Intercession Teams

The Prophetic Intercession Teams go out on specific assignments as "scouts in the land" and report back to leaders what the Lord shows them prophetically and through prayer.

Connect Groups

Our Connect Groups provide pastoral ministry for members of our church. Connect group leaders meet monthly. If you would like to become a connect group leader, please contact one of our connect group captains through the church office. It is important that all potential Connect group leaders become involved in one of the existing groups or begin one of their own. Potential connect group leaders are then approved after a period of successfully leading a group.

Healing Teams

Our vision for the Healing Teams is to train people to become effective in healing the sick. Members meet once each month and various teams pray for the sick on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings after our corporate gatherings. If you are interested, listen to our healing team teaching tapes.


CMM is an expanding global fellowship, made up of passionate, focused, and people hungry for more of God. We are a part of the rising, awakening Body of Christ, serving as a team and we do adhere to the Scripture of, "know those who labor among you." We are 'cross-denominational', that is, the completed work Jesus did on the cross is more than enough for every thing in life we encounter. .

Helps Ministry

(Ushers, Greeters, Overseers, Parking) The Helps Ministry works to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for members and guests by looking after the administrative aspects of the meetings. Each department meets once a month and serves during the Friday SOS, both Sunday meetings, and conferences. Hospitality Ministry The Hospitality Ministry is dedicated to serving those that minister in the body of Christ. We host MorningStar Ministry dinners and special events, participate in conferences, and do interior decorating projects for the church. In addition, we meet biannually and on an event basis.


The Bookstore provides choice food to the body of Christ through the sale of MorningStar developed materials and other Christian-based products. Areas of volunteering include cashiering, tape duplication, inventory maintenance, and monthly inventory. The bookstore is open before and after the Friday School of the Spirit, Sunday 11:00 a.m. service, and during conferences. There are quarterly meetings and smaller training meetings.

Video Department

The MorningStar Video Department is a video/multimedia production ministry. Operations include videotaping live meetings, producing informational videos, video editing, computer graphics, song lyric overheads operation, multimedia image mixing for worship, and creative projects. Department training meetings are once a month. Camera operators, overhead, and multimedia volunteers are scheduled each month for the Friday School of the Spirit, Sunday services, and conferences.

Sound Department

The Sound Department supplies sound for all services, meetings, School of Ministry classes, TV shoots, special functions, and video projects. Missions Café Missions Café serves specialty coffee drinks to the congregation to raise funds for mission trips. Missions Café is open before the Friday School of the Spirit, before and after the Sunday 9 a.m. service, and during conferences.

Children's Ministry

We encourage children to go deeper in their relationships with the Lord and to pursue their destinies in Him. We do ministry at each of our Sunday services. In addition, there are various teacher and volunteer meetings throughout the month, and every quarter there is a teacher and parent training seminar.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is geared toward training and equipping our young people to become leaders for the next generation. The youth meet on Thursdays as a group and once a week in smaller home groups. The youth leaders and volunteers meet once a month.

Kingdom Business Association

Our heart with the KBA is to create a network of Christian businessmen and businesswomen Kingdom Business Assoc. continued for the purpose of relationship and mentorship. As a part of the membership, you have access to our website, www.KBAbiz. com. Through the website, you have the opportunity to network with other KBA members all around the world. There are also training articles from the KBA leadership team on the site to help equip you for kingdom business.

Dance Ministry

The Dance Ministry is dedicated to restoring the performing arts for the glory of God. We welcome dancers and those who are willing to be trained. Dance classes are once a week. For those desiring to minister in dance, there is an additional weekly meeting.

Worship Ministry

The vision for our Worship Ministry is to provide worship leaders and musicians for MorningStar Fellowship. We are also committed to training and releasing a new generation of worship leaders for the church to impact the world with the gospel.

Power Team Inc.

Power Team's focus is to see transformation come to every resident living in the Blackmon Road community of Rock Hill. This is the most impoverished community in the state of South Carolina. Our strategies are prayer, the unconditional love of the Lord, and friendship evangelism. We have a prayer walk in this community each week. Members of this team can also become a life coach to one person.


We prepare the hotel rooms for guests' arrivals and refresh the rooms while they are here. We also wash, dry, and fold laundry. Food and Beverage Department The Food and Beverage Department provides the best food for hotel guests, conferences, and other events.

Oak Initiative

The Oak Initiative is a new movement to help unite, mobilize, equip, and activate Christians to be salt and light by having practical, workable solutions to the world's problems. We are informed and proactive in engaging in the great issues of the times with boldness, courage, and resolve to see righteousness, justice, and truth prevail.

MorningStar Partners

MorningStar is equipping the body of Christ through our schools, missions, conferences, television shows, and publications. MorningStar Partners invest into these areas of impact and their contributions are used to help train and equip thousands into their giftings and destinies in the Lord. We need partners who will join with us to help raise up and send out those who have the potential to be the most high-impact ministries possible in church history. If you have a heart for the impact of MorningStar, then consider partnering with us today.

Comenius School for Creative Leadership

The Comenius School for Creative Leadership (CSCL) is a Christian K-12 school located on the grounds of Heritage International Ministries. CSCL seeks to raise up the next generation of leaders with the cooperative effort of each family, the church at large, and the staff at school. Our vision is to minister to the full potential of each student by providing an atmosphere that encourages a love for learning, a desire for excellence, and the development of each student's gifts, talents, and leadership skills. Because of our distinctive approach to education, each student is equipped spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically in order to fulfill God's call for their lives and to be a positive influence in society.

MorningStar University

The vision of MorningStar University is to equip Christians to live an extraordinary life. Our goal is to produce pastors, educators, worship leaders, business leaders, and missionaries to bring the kingdom of God throughout the earth. MSU provides a creative atmosphere of teaching, worship, and hands-on experience where you can receive the tools you need to succeed in life and ministry.

Kids' Discovery Center

MorningStar Kids' Discovery Center is an extension of MorningStar Fellowship Church as an outreach ministry serving the working families of the surrounding Fort Mill and Charlotte communities. The center provides full daycare for children ages six weeks through entrance to kindergarten. Our primary goal is to provide a safe and caring environment in which children can grow spiritually, socially, physically, and academically.

MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries & MorningStar Fellowship of Churches

MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries (MFM) and MorningStar Fellowship of Churches (MFC) is a worldwide community of ministers. It was founded to provide an atmosphere of support, relationship, and encouragement for like-minded ministers to relate to one another in a real and intentional way.

Zao Water

Zao is a humanitarian organization transforming communities by providing safe drinking water, hygiene education, and hope for people in developing nations.

Disaster Respo nse

The Disaster Response ministry helps individuals prepare and respond to disasters in the areas of communications, food, and water storage and the practice of good health habits. We also prepare volunteers that will go to disaster areas all over the world. We follow the guidelines of the Federal Response Stages and local government.




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