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activeadultcommunity.jpgWhat is an Active Adult Community

As an age-targeted community, Heritage Lifestyle Communities -an integral part of MorningStar Ministries-is gathering together Christians who are age fifty-five and older for an active and rewarding lifestyle unparalleled anywhere. At Heritage you will find that maintenance-free living will provide you with all the time you want to pursue your gifts, your interests, and your new friendships. A rich collection of amenities will contribute to a life filled with enriching activities and matchless services and conveniences. Your new neighbors will be people who share your values. These are the people with whom you will live, worship, and grow in your faith at Heritage. They are, in fact, the very definition of a Christian Active Adult community.

Gathering the faithful together at Heritage Lifestye Communities is a part of our mission. This close-knit residential community for Christians who are fifty-five and older is mobilizing a body of believers who desire to be engaged in the most enjoyable, fruitful, and productive years of their lives, resulting in the advancement of the kingdom. It is a place of discovering gifts and callings and for becoming equipped and deployed to fulfill all the Lord has for you.

Your Participation in MorningStar Ministries

As a vital and unique part of this community and this ministry, residents are able to take MorningStar University classes, serve in our classes, become engaged in prophetic evangelism, take part in healing teams, and participate in youth, dance, worship, and many other MorningStar ministries. Our hope is that through our efforts and your commitment to this community, Heritage will become the best and most unique Christian Active Adult community in the world.




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