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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Why are people moving to Heritage Lifestyle Communities?
It's a great place to live! Just consider the following: beautiful, maintenance-free residences to suit a wide range of personal tastes, friends, and neighbors who share your interests and values, and the abundant life-changing activities at Morningstar Ministries.

2.    Who will own and operate Heritage Lifestyle Communities?
MorningStar Ministries owns and will manage the day-to-day needs of the communities. MorningStar is a nonprofit organization. (Click here for more information on the Morningstar Ministries partnership.)

3.    What fees do residents pay?
Fees vary depending on the type of residence selected (see more about Life Leases in question #12). With five floor plans at varying price points, it's easy to find a residence that suits your preferences and financial budget. Most residents choose the standard refund plan with a one-time entrance fee and monthly fee. The entrance fee ensures that we are able to provide the finest services, amenities, programs, and residences. We are also offering a new rental option.

4.    What does the monthly service fee include?
This fee includes:
•    All utilities including individually controlled heating and air conditioning
•    Maintenance of all residences, including major appliances
•    Landscaping and grounds keeping
•    24-hour patrols by  security staff
•    Full program of social and recreational activities
•    Use of all amenities

Monthly fees are updated annually to reflect actual operating costs. When you add up what you now pay for utilities, taxes, home maintenance, and other costs, you'll find that most residents will enjoy a significant savings.

5.    Will I be able to bring my pet with me when I move to Heritage Lifestyle Communities?
Yes, small dogs and cats are welcome in many residences.

6.    Will I be able to customize my residence at Heritage Lifestyle Communities?
You may decorate and furnish your home to suit your tastes, with several customizing options available. In addition to a selection of paint and carpet colors, you may choose custom kitchen and bath fixtures, wood flooring in certain rooms, and other distinctive touches.

7.    Does Heritage Lifestyle Communities offer guest rooms?
Yes. We offer residents substantial savings at our Heritage Hotel for your friends and relatives.

8.    Who is available to help me explore the financial, legal, and logistical aspects of moving to a community such as Heritage Lifestyle Communities?
We recommend discussing your plans with a financial advisor. A Heritage Lifestyle Counselor will be available to assist you throughout the coordination of your move to this community.

9.    If I decide I might like to become a resident, what is my next step?
Your next step is to call our Heritage Lifestyle Counselor to make an appointment to discuss your specific questions. A deposit will ensure you a home in your selected community and floor plan.

10.    Can children and grandchildren visit at Heritage Lifestyle Communities?
Absolutely. In addition to our amenities, a major theme park is just minutes away.

11.    What is a “Life Lease”?
     The “Life Lease” is designed to protect your investment in our community.
     Your “Life Lease” purchase price gives you the right to live in the residence as long as you choose to occupy it.
     Upon vacancy, the residence will be re-leased by Heritage Lifestyle Communities to other qualified Christian active adults.
     The resident leaving will be refunded a percentage of the resale price.

12.     I’m not yet 55, (or my spouse is not yet 55) may I live in the Heritage Lifestyle Communities? 
     Yes. We are an age-targeted community, which allows us to have a small percentage of residents under age 55.

13.     May I have a visiting guest stay with me?

14.     I may still be working, is that okay?
      Yes. Some of our residents will be working for many years to come.





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